Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm going to miss this

Another week of college finished.

Only about 18 lecture weeks left until I finish my studies fulltime at Bible College.

This week, like most others, I got to:
* Sit under quality lecturing with my bible open and in the company of heaps of friends.

* Pray with them.
* Read some great material.
* Learn some more Hebrew.
* Share openly about my struggles with preaching; and listen to others share theirs.

* Talk with fellow students about issues we've been thinking about. Had a great talk earlier in the week with Kutz and Joe about temptation; with Dan and Rodney about smoking some NPP, with Purnelly about imputed righteousness, with Jenny about sharing the gospel with Muslims, with Peter Evans about his impending placement as a minister at Mt Isa, with Nathan Campbell about how his blog has too much information and achieves less for more, with Kutz and Nathan about the empty tomb..... and with Jeremy Wales I had a brief discussion about a topic that he brought up: something about high school and spoons. (Not sure what was going on there..... must've been something they'd been talking about on staff at Mitchelton Cathedral).

* Hear our Principal passionately encourage us - that our preaching and pastoring would never be competitive or driven by jealousy.
* Laugh at Stewy Playsted who again left his mobile on for us to prank in Brucey Winter's Clash lecture.
* See some more flesh be put on the bones of our planned college mission trip to Currumbin later in the year.

* Sing my guts out with 80 other people in a little chapel with great acoustics.
* Hear a fellow student preach the Word.
* Get more excited about our college trip to Turkey and Greece to study the ruins of ancient Ephesus and Corinth, where St. Paul did so much work in establishing the early churches.

* Pray with my friends Joe, Jenny and Ben Seligmann in the car as we travel and talk together.

* Have a fellow student sleepover during the week at our place since his accomodation fell through.

* Listen to Peter Evans freak out about Steve Cree coming in to take over Uncle Phil's preaching class.

* Play handball at little lunch. With all the other grownups recalling their primary school years.
* Watch Joseph Wee rub his hands with glee at another practical joke effectively executed.
* Go shopping with Andrew Bain (well, this one rarely happens, but hey, it was fun)

All in all, although I look forward to getting out of college at the end of the year, I know I'm gonna miss it.

What a great bunch of people, a great thing to study and a great God we worship.


  1. "with Nathan Campbell about how his blog has too much information and achieves less for more"

    How many readers do you have?

  2. sounds pretty ripper. what's the deal with the college trip?

    nathan - did Mr Winter say anything about blogging jealousy, or just preaching jealousy?

  3. Trip to Greece and Turkey in Sept holidays = 2 week intensive with Bruce Winter as our tour guide around the ruins of Ephesus and Corinth.
    ACT accredited subject in it's own right. 6000 word assessment at end of the fortnight.
    Cost = fully FEE Helped...
    Where do I sign?

  4. Stew was just telling me about it - HOLY MOLY - that should be on your promo material! How could i not have heard about this yet!!?? What year do you take that subject?

  5. You have to be in second year (or later) or doing the Grad Dip (or you can do the double degree Grad Dip/M Div).

  6. And I'm not at all jealous about Dave's blog. Just upset that my bro-cous doesn't have a link to me.

  7. I tried dude. Too complex. I believe in you bro-cous... help my unbelief. Show me the way!

  8. Try going to the bottom of my site and signing in using Google Friend Connect - that might automatically do it - how did the others appear in your sidebar?