Monday, October 8, 2012

Sarah's touring!

In a few days Sarah will be off to tour Australia - every capital city on the mainland - as a backing vocalist for Stuart Townend. I think the order is Sydney, BrisVegas, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

You can check out the details here (although several concerts are already sold out!) I understand she might be leading a few new EMU music songs too. But we'll wait and see.

Here's Sarah singing at an EMU Music conference back in 2005. She'd given birth to one of our sons only a few weeks before this gig in Sydney (I got to cradle him in my arms that night). What an amazing woman.

This time, our latest little blessing will be over 4 months old. But still young enough to need to be where Sarah is. So he gets to go too. And of course he'll need a babysitter while Sarah's working.....!

Getting excited.


  1. Sarah really does have an amazing voice! She is soo beautiful!

  2. Sarah is an amazing woman.

    This will be so exciting for you guys! I'm really looking forward to the Brissy one coming up. Can't wait to see Sarah using her God-given gifts in a great event like this... as well as hearing some of Stuart's songs and reflections. Should be good! :)

  3. Blessed times indeed Dave ! Have booked our tickets for the Bris Vegas gig well in advance, see you there. Travel well and enjoy the privilege of having such a talented wife.