Thursday, July 19, 2012

Being old and useless in a secular culture

What might Australia be like in the coming years?
Especially as we age and our society becomes more secular?

Here are some provocative thoughts from respected historian, Dr John Dickson, in the Sydney Morning Herald.
'It's out with the old as Christian values fall away'

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  1. I'd have to read it again...I agree with what he's saying here. It struck a cord with me when I first read it - mainly from the perspective of care for intellectually/physically impaired.

    But I'm wondering how this coheres with the argument that I'm sure I've heard/read him use that atheists/secular types still have a moral compass etc - wheeled out it seems to me mainly to deal with Christians who don't have a robust grip on the gospel, freaking out over atheist PMs and stuff like that; that goes, "In a secular democracy we can be OK with having an atheist PM because they can still be moral, they're passionately concerned for the welfare of our country etc etc."

    Am I making a hash of this?