Sunday, July 29, 2012

You've got to sell your heart

I just discovered 'Letters of note' with the help of a friend.

I like it.
REALLY like it.
I mean, really, really LIKE it. 

Here's a taste of the best gear.... You've got to sell your heart
"This is the experience of all writers. It was necessary for Dickens to put into Oliver Twist the child's passionate resentment at being abused and starved that had haunted his whole childhood. Ernest Hemingway's first stories "In Our Time" went right down to the bottom of all that he had ever felt and known. In "This Side of Paradise" I wrote about a love affair that was still bleeding as fresh as the skin wound on a haemophile..."

He's talking about the cost of being a decent author.
But I wonder if the same can be asked of the really effective preacher.
For the sort of preaching that connects in a culture craving authenticity.

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  1. I love this bit: "But the amateur can only realize his ability to transfer his emotions to another person by some such desperate and radical expedient as tearing your first tragic love story out of your heart and putting it on pages for people to see."