Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An 'Old Testament Man'?

When I was growing up I once heard a strange phrase from my Dad, when he described someone as 'an Old Testament man'. I had no idea what it meant. Now I know Dad was describing a bloke who was a pretty harsh sort of person and very legalistic. For many of us, the Old Testament can seem this way too. Harsh. Legalistic.

One of the biggest challenges for many of us when considering Christianity is understanding the place of the Old Testament (the first 2/3 of the Bible which makes up all the gear before Jesus). How on earth can it be consistent with the teachings of Jesus, so much about grace and love, in the New Testament?

Here's a great article on this issue from a bloke who's really good at explaining stuff. He's American, but he's still a great guy!

Making sense of the Bible's 'Inconsistency'

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