Thursday, July 19, 2012

Places of Inspiration

Where and when do you get inspired with new ideas?

I read some dead American guy who said that nothing good ever came about without someone first sitting quietly in a room all by himself. Or words to that effect.

I find there are really only a couple of places when I'm inspired with new ideas, thoughts or phrases.

1) The morning shower. 
Sarah reckons I lose time in the shower. I do. It's because I'm thinking in a way which rarely happens during the busyness of the day. If I'm late to a morning meeting, this is usually why.

2) The afternoon run. 
The adrenalin and stress burnoff of the late arvo run often mean I get bursts of creative thinking. It's not uncommon to come home with an acronym in my head to try to remember some of the thoughts I want to jot down. I forget most of them. But some of the goodstuff gets through.

What about you?
Where and when do you get inspired with new ideas?


  1. I definitely relate to the running thing! I seem to get a million ideas and thoughts as I run - and I forget most of it. The acronym idea is a good one!

    I tend to feel most inspired late at night. Or on the odd afternoon (usually Saturday) when I'm home, and have time to just sit outside in my front yard for a while and watch suburbia go by. I think it seems to be most helpful to have a little "unlimited time" and a bit of mental distance from to-do lists... For me anyway!


  2. Quiet time? Absolutely. I frequently wake up to a start with an epiphany for something that has been on my mind. Or I dream of something that I've been thinking a lot about. I must think all night long. Dave I agree with you about the shower. I take long showers but often think of many things. It must be all that hot water, steam and the noise if the water that drowns out all other things.